W h o a r e w e

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F a u s t o P e r a t o n e r

My greatest passion is wine, which I follow throughout its journey, from the vineyard to the bottle. In fact I take care of the vines during the year and I monitor the vinification and the development of the wines in the cellar. I deliver my passion for my job to the people that I guide during the vineyard tour and the tastings.


C i n z i a G i a c o m o n i

I dedicate myself to the reception of the guests, spoiling them with homemade breakfast and giving them all the necessary information to enjoy their stay in Trentino.

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S o n i a

I am Sonia, the oldest daughter, and I recently decided to join my family in our activity. For this reason, after some studies in the communication field, I am now learning about wine marketing. While I engage in some experiences outside Maso Grener, I help my parents with the hospitality and the tastings.

E l e n a

I am Elena and despite my young age I have very clear ideas regarding what I want to do “when I grow up”: recently I have been accepted at a fashion business university in Paris. You rarely see me at home, but when I am present, I always bring joy and good mood.
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