F o r t h e e n v i r o n m e n t


R e a s o n e d v i t i c u l t u r e

Over a period of several years, Maso Grener has been carrying on an environmental sustainability project, both in the vineyard and in the management of the Maso.

Maso Grener vineyards are grown following the principles of the “reasoned viticulture”, and adopting many good practices of the biological and biodynamic cultivation, with the aim of producing grapes that are in harmony with the ecosystem.


The soil is worked on the row and we use the green manure practice, planting every year different types of legumes and graminaceae, in order to revitalize the subsoil and enrich the soil’s fertility, using also organic manure.

Every activity in the vineyard is planned in advance in order to minimise the passage and the use of heavy agricultural machinery.

We use natural defensive methods (e.g. sexual confusion); we constantly monitor the climate and the vineyard, so that we take action only when they are strictly necessary.

The maso is enclosed by natural green hedges which provide a home for different tyoe of useful animals, thus allowing the preservation of the biodiversity; we also created an insect-hotel to encourage the proliferation of useful insects (e.g. ladybugs).


R e n e w a b l e e n e r g y a n d r e s p e c t f o r t h e e n v i r o n m e n t

In 2012, with the reconstruction of the “rustico” – using bio-building techniques – we installed a photovoltaic plant that supplies around 30% of our energy needs; moreover we use solar panels for the production of our hot water.

Under the rustico there are the water tanks that are part of the ancient Pressano water system that we use to collect rainwater to reuse in the Maso’s gardens and vegetable patches.