M a s o G r e n e r v i n e y a r d

T h e v i n e y a r d s

The vineyards of Maso Grener are located in Pressano, area rich in history of Trentino viticulture.

The vines grow on the characteristic Pressano soil, consisting of layers of red sandstone, dolomite and limestone, that originated from underlying sedimentary rocks formed about 240 million years ago.


We work in the vineyards following the tradition and experience that our predecessors have taught us.


The VINE, that year after year grows and develops in balanced harmony with Pressano’s generous soil, is our greatest asset.

In the vineyards we are guided by our attention to details and the rural wisdom.

We are caretakers fallen in love with our land: we study and apply more natural methods in the vineyards because our aim is to leave a healthy soil to the next generations, able to express the richness of our territory.


The winds that constantly blow (Ora del Garda and one from the North) alternate themselves, so as to guarantee the right ventilation to the vineyards, synonym of the plants’ health.

Our Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Nosiola grapes are cultivated in the Vigna
cru, characterized by a soil of siltitic/dolomitic origins, that
provides the wines with elegance, harmony, mineral notes and longevity.


The Pinot Noir is cultivated at Vigna Bindesi, a cru that dominates the
Adige Valley and that stands out because of the brown-reddish color of the
siltitic soil. These “red lands” give the wines fine and sweet scents and a
fragrant taste that recalls the berries and elevates itself over time.