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M a s o G r e n e r

The history of Maso Grener began in the Seventies, when we met while studying at the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige, in Trentino.

We both share the farmers DNA, since our families have both a long tradition in the winemaking sector. Cinzia’s family has been growing vines in the hills surrounding Trento since the sixteenth century, while at the end of the nineteenth century Fausto’s great-grandfather was a wine merchant working in Faver, within the Cembra Valley.
After fiishingour studies in enology, we both started working in the in the wine sector, maintaining our professional and private relationship, which culminated in our marriage in 1994, followed by the birth of our two daughters Sonia and Elena.

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Cinzia has been taking care of the family and hospitality, while Fausto has been working for over 30 years within a renowned cooperative winery in Trentino, covering various roles. Nevertheless the dream of working for ourselves has always been alive in us and we nurtured it until it came to be a reality with the purchase of a vineyard and an old house in need of restoration in Pressano, near Lavis.

Maso Grener was born in 1999, at first with the renovation of the house and later with the opening of the guesthouse in 2006.


In 2013 we decided to complete the “Maso Grener” project with the production of wine from the grapes grown on the vineyards surrounding the Maso. We have 6 hectares ca. of vineyards, apples and woodlands. 

Cinzia Giacomoni & Fausto Peratoner